The Hedgestone Heresy


Orphaned at the tender age of 16 and with younger brother in her care, Jane returns from the red dusty squatter camps of Mozambique, Africa, were her parents served as missionaries before their lives were brutally cut down. Now, 13 years later, something has stirred deep within her soul that all is not well. Her intuition is confirmed when a mysterious and disturbing letter arrives from her father’s former assistant. Together, with the growing love of her life Tommy, her emotional journey takes her further and deeper then she could ever have imagined possible. Finally, Jane comes face to face with her enemy. She challenges the very moment her parents served and brings them to a place of petrifying accountability that the corrupt leader, Arthur Hedgestone, could never have imagined and will not escape. In a moment, a powerful moment becomes a monument to the consequences of deceptive and self-serving leadership in the guise of the gospel.

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Author: Tony Santos


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