The Fellowship of the Saints


Life is a chain of perceptions. It is human nature to seek answers. Therefore, I tried to put my thoughts in writing, bringing together the profound and the prosaic, the mundane and the metaphysical, the simple and the philosophical in a beautiful synthesis. I also tried to suffuse my seemingly simple observations of life with such insight and visionary passion that the experience of reading this book becomes a journey to the unknown. The content itself is not filled with dogmatic thoughts, so it serves universal spiritualism.

The book is comprised of various themes written in prose poems and delivered as spiritual sermons by a wise man called the Saint. He lives in abominable loneliness after the unfortunate departure of his beloved wife. He is about to unleash after years in isolation when the people of the village of Humbleton ask him to share his wisdom on the considerable matters of life, including passion, death, ambition, science, and marriage.

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About The Author

li Hussain Al-Ridha Bachelor Degree in TESL English Teacher 4th of February 1985 AD


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