Master of all Masters: The Central Kingdom


Martial arts and kung fu movies have been quite popular in the English-speaking world for many years since Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan came to prominence. In recent years, some authors have included kung fu elements in writing action novels. Still, fictional novels about the wuxia (the translation of which is “martial arts and chivalry”) genre are rarely seen written in English.


As martial arts are about movements and actions, attempts to write books based on martial arts stories can be met with many difficulties. This book is written from the perspective of how the Chinese view the world of martial arts.


The Central Kingdom is the first book of the Master of All Masters series.

About The Author

Khen Chu was an immigrant to Australia in the eighties, and he, like many others, worked very hard throughout his career to provide a better life for his family. Khen has a bachelor of science degree from London and has extensive experience in the banking and IT industries. He is at present the chief operation officer of a mining company based in the Solomon Islands. Khen has always enjoyed reading. Five years ago, even when his life was still extremely hectic, he decided to put his thoughts into writing for a change. After returning from his long days of work, he would spend two to three hours writing every night before he headed to sleep. Master of All Masters: The Central Kingdom is Khen’s first novel, and he is currently working on the second book of the Master of All Masters series. The series will be a trilogy.


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