Leaders or Manager and discover your talents!


The tremendous lesson learned from “LEADERS! or MANAGERS? And Discover Your Talents” is valuable advice and useful insights for all that is around us if you are just willing to observe.

When you look at leadership as a natural ability, you won’t just improve your company but also make life better for the people you lead, including management.


This is a great book for leaders and managers in a business and technology landscape marked by constant change and continuous growth. Gabor offers an important insight into the difference between management and leadership as well as the similarities and why in many cases managers don’t necessarily make great leaders and vice versa.


This is a very insightful and original viewpoint that is rarely discussed.

About The Author

About the Author:

Mr. Kele D. Gabor was born, raised, and educated in Central Europe, lived through WWII, occupation by German, Romanian, and Russian Armies, also survived Socialisms as dictated by Hitler and Stalin. After the Hungarian Revolution in 1956 against the occupation of the Red Army, he escaped through the Iron Curtain, continued his higher education in Austria, and after receiving a scholarship, came to America. Proudly served in the US Military and enjoyed a long and satisfying career in the High-Tech Industry.

Mr. Gabor’s earlier publications are; “DECEPTION and REALITY” an eyewitness report on WWII and its aftermath in Central Europe, and “JUTO”, An Alien Race’s View of Humanity.


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