Hender Nathaniels: He Didn’t Haunt, He Taught!


Have you ever had a ghost that haunted your house? Have you ever felt something spiritual around you, that you knew wasn’t human? The Westlyn family experiences this when they move into an old house in Boston. A young girl named Nori is first to befriend this wise spirit. She tries to convince her family that he is real. Yet, they do not believe a six year old with an extraordinary imagination. When Hender finally builds the confidence to show his true self to the family, and confirm Nori’s truth. The family can’t believe their eyes. They now are aware a spirit lives with them, and he is real. Instead of haunting the house he finds himself becoming part of the family. He helps the Westlyn family cook and clean. And makes them feel welcomed in the house that was once his. As a result, of being part of the family, Hender brings the family close together. He is one who showed the Westlyn family there is nothing more important than family, no matter what the troubles are. Hender is a spirit that didn’t haunt he taught!

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About The Author

Bri B

My name is Bri B. I am so glad that I could introduce my writing to the world. As a young child I had an extraordinary imagination. It was an imagination that took me into a different world. It was my own dream world of fantasy, where anything was possible. I am so excited to introduce my second chapter book to my readers out there. I choose to write fantasy, because it makes you believe that anything is possible, even if it means believing in the impossible. Swoop was my first chapter book that I created to make the youth feel magically confident. Now, Hender will be the young boy that takes you into a world of family. He will show you the importance of having a family and appreciating them. I have been a writer all my life, and I love exciting my readers with the next big surprise! Enjoy the journey of Hender Nathaniel’s!


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