The Balance Theory: An Approach to Organizational Leaked


About the Book:

This book is based on the Balance Theory developed by the author that identifies the five critical elements necessary for human survival: adaptation, equilibrium, homeostasis, needs, and health. It advances the idea that organizations behave like living organisms capable of surviving through the behavior of their leaders. Human beings survive through balance- seeking behaviors by maintaining balance of the five critical elements within their internal and external environments. By implementing leadership behaviors through the five elements of balance, leaders can maintain the continued survival and growth of their organizations.

The Balance Theory is based on theoretical concepts of human behavior, organizations, leadership, and many scientific fields making it an all-encompassing theory which characterizes the universality of balance.

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About The Author

About the Author:

Daisy Magalit Rodriguez is a professional nurse and educator who practiced nursing in the United States for close to fifty years in a variety of settings, including clinical nursing, management, education, and organizational leadership. Her first book publication, “The Balance Concept in Health and Nursing” was published in 2014 and later revised and published in 2016 by the University of the Philippines Press under the title “The Balance Concept in Nursing”.

These publications elucidate the Balance Theory and used as the basis for this current publication. The author is a muti-awarded professional nurse, educator, author, and organizational leader who earned recognition in the United States and abroad for her wide-range of contributions to her profession, publications and the community


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