The Love We Share


Nila Rose is James Grey’s PA of five years. She’s the perfect PA as she’s always on time, completes her tasks, and doesn’t have to be told what to do more than once. After completing her studies, she has applied for a job as James’s PA so she can gain experience in the field of work, but after five years of knowing James, she can’t seem to leave.

James Grey has it all—the looks, the money, and the brains. Men want to be him, and women want to be with him. However, James only has eyes for a particular Trinidadian woman who is also his PA.

James has done something that breaks Nila’s heart. One night, things have happened between them, and Nila is now carrying his child. James has a secret that puts both Nila and the baby in danger.

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About The Author

I am born in Trinidad and Tobago, which are twin islands in the Caribbean. I’m the third of four children. I live in the countryside with my family, but I rather spend my time on the roof or in a quiet place by myself. What I love about growing up in Trinidad is that everyone gets along despite our races and our rich mixture of different cultures. I enjoy dancing, designing clothing, biology, astronomy, chemistry, writing, reading, and drama. Writing is my favorite because it’s my way of escaping reality. I have also learned to play the keyboard at the age of nine.


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