Poetic Measures


Poetic Measures is a collection of over one hundred poems. An extension of Galina’s spirit, soul and heart that embraces her trials, tribulations, transformation and revitalization. These divinely inspired poems were created for not only Galina but for all souls she shares them with humanity in hope that the human race will enjoy and feel the same healing powers she experienced and more.


About The Author

Author: Galina Sarah McKenzie

Galina Mckenzie has suffered and endured great pain and hardship in her life. When Galina was only five, her mother fled abuse and moved to California. An immigrant in a strange land, she was bullied ruthlessly at school until her self esteem was torn into pieces. As an adult, she endured heartbreak and divorce and even severe physical injury following a car accident.

Due to her injury, Galina was forced to slow down, which she now sees as divine intervention. She began enjoying the joys and wonders of life. To inhale love and happiness and embrace serenity and liberty. She surrendered completely to her Eternal Father, whose voice inspired her to write. The Spirit of the Most High revealed a precious treasure hidden deep within her being.


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