Helping Hands: Companion of Baggage Burdens


In this inspirational story, a woman attempting to reclaim her life is led on an emotional journey with the help of a devoted friend that ultimately reveals the truth and prompts her to seek forgiveness.

After an accident that causes recently divorced Jill to spend six weeks in the hospital, she returns home. She is disturbed by the discovery that she needs to find a way to become part of her children’s lives. Her efforts are hampered by having no car, by her job that is temporarily on hold, and by her fear of dipping into the limited funds in her back account. While her physical injuries are healing, she continues to be haunted by her lifelong psychological scars. To whom can she turn to for help?

At the urging of her daughter, Jill learns that a church friend, Bill Wynchuk, has been more loyal to her than she ever realized. Slowly she grows to depend upon his faith and skills of a psychologist to lovingly lead her to appreciate her inner strength and her need for the Lord. As a result, she gains insights that propel her down a path of reconciliation that helps her mend relations with her son and return to Ontario to face her greatest fears about her family and unveil a deeply buried secret.

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About The Author

Ken Saik is a committed Christian who retired after thirty-one years of teaching social studies to pursue writing fiction and poetry. To date, he has published three novellas and a novel, Baggage Burdens. Saik lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


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