Beyond Want: Finding Peace Now


About the Book:

What would it mean to you to be at ultimate peace internally? What does your dream life look and feel like? What do you think would make you truly happy? What do you want most in this lifetime? These are just a few of the questions that Dr. Ronnie Hale guides you through answering in this book.

As we travel through life in these troubled and uncertain times in a world that may seem to be teetering on the brink of coming unraveled, it can challenge our own inner strength. Humanity is at a precipice of change and if we get lost in its maze, we can lose perspective of the cure for this dilemma. To aid ourselves we need to learn to: foster inner peace, happiness, self-love, maintain a sense of freedom another lessons included in this book.

This book builds on tools for helping you see, find and restore your inner peace, serenity and to walk into your best life now. Everything you need to be happy and have peace now is already within you. Maybe all you need to unlock those doors is a bit of guidance and a gentle nudge in the right way to help you learn: how to repair your self-esteem, see the best gifts you can give yourself, raise your self-love, remove negativity, find peace and truly answer the question of what you truly want and what are the most important things to you now in this life. And finally, to see how love is the master key we each hold for righting the plant.

About The Author

Dr. Ronnie Hale
A little about me: My beginning was a very humble one indeed. I started out in rural east Texas in a very modest home. Somewhere around the age of twelve, something clicked, and I no longer saw things in the same way. That is where my quest for answer really started, because even then I knew there had to be more for me than what my current environment held.

I was a poor student throughout junior high school and high school. Five days after my high school graduation, I was in basic training with the US Air Force; I had enlisted. I was looking for a way out and a life I had yet to define. The military was a way to leave an environment for someone who had little money.

Twenty years later, with multiple degrees, I entered corporate America in Dallas, Texas, because it seemed like that was what I was supposed to do. I’d had a very stressful job in the air force, and now I was entering another one. Things still seemed out of place, and I was heading toward burnout.
I departed the corporate world for a municipal job in the water purification industry and basically took a nineteen-year sabbatical from life as I had imagined it. I moved through various passions and roles within that industry. One thing remained constant: I kept reading and searching for definitive answers. This began in the early 1980s, when I read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. A seed was planted that took me a while to cultivate because I had discovered something I wanted to do which was write.
I never gave up reading and searching, from the 1980s till now. Eventually, I learned that what I was reading, studying, and analyzing was an area of study called metaphysics. Later, I was reading one of my favorite authors, of that genre, Joe Vitale and he referred to having a doctorate in metaphysical science. I had not known that was a thing. I was off and running. I went nonstop obtaining four degrees in metaphysics, including two doctorates. By then, I had read so much in the field that when I was presented with the school’s recommended reading list, I recognized that I had read most of the works.


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