A Mystic Guide to Spiritual Evolution


About the Book:

There is an entry way to a level of consciousness, within the center of each one of us, where we all simultaneously coexist, where we all can share one common consciousness, which is often referred to as God consciousness or Cosmic Consciousness. This state of consciousness is described as the all-encompassing, omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient source of all creation. You will not find access to it anywhere or in anything outside of yourself yet it exists everywhere and in everything. Our individual access to It is at the very center of our beings and each one of us must access it ourselves and only then will we be able to experience the presence of God in our lives, the positive effects of a heightened state of consciousness. After all we are, allegedly, the most intelligent of species and are therefore obligated to use that intelligence to evolve physically, mentally and spiritually. As a species we determine the future of this planet by the thoughts in our minds, the limitations of our consciousness.

“A Mystic Guide to Spiritual Evolution” is a pictorial voyage to spiritual illumination. Each photo with accompanying comment provides a piece of the map which leads to an expansion of consciousness.
This pictorial guide is meant to illuminate the contours of the emotions, feelings and thoughts that inhabit that heightened state of consciousness. It is the beginning of the journey into the “Light.”

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About The Author

About the Author:

William J. Pardue – an Attorney, Author, Mystic living in Santa Cruz, CA , Author of 4 other books.


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