Jail Journal: Sewing Behind Bars


About the Book:

It is a story of sewing, but it is also the story of the female inmates that Nancie Wiseman Attwater taught at a county jail. She went to the jail to teach sewing, but she learned patience, understanding, and acceptance. She also ended up helping inmates learn manners, language, math, English, and geography – o en without even realizing it. While teaching, she met women who became “her girls” – gang members, murderers, shoplifters, burglars, robbers, car thieves, pedophiles, Immigration detainees and prostitutes. She taught inmates over eight years in an environment that most people never see. During that time, she heard incredible stories of survival from women who lived on the streets, found work without legal documentation, or battled a drug habit. She became more convinced than ever that their lives matter, and their stories need to be heard. Join young and vibrant women as they learn valuable lessons by connecting with the author and spending time at the sewing machine.

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About The Author

About the Author:

Nancie Wiseman Attwater is a nationally-known needlework teacher and author of twelve books on knitting, crochet, and quilting. She taught sewing for eight years to the women in a county jail. Her unique gi of sharing herself with her students while she teaches the joy of sewing and needle arts brought many joyful days to the women in an otherwise dreary jail situation. A former registered nurse, she also o ers a perspective on the drugs many of the women used and their related problems.


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