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The Adverters is a results-driven agency that strategizes and executes marketing solutions to ensure that each interaction with your audience is impactful.

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Why Choose The Adverters?

Author Involvement

The Adverters views your trust as an indispensable partnership. With our expertise and your insights, we can overcome the crux of the matter and produce the best result there is.

Great Solutions

We offer a variety of services that are incorporated with the latest advancements of the book publishing industry and its best practices from traditional to digital.

Unprecedented Support

All our clients are viewed as partners to whom we can work professionally while establishing that personal empathy. Our goal is to provide you and your book the attention, time and effort that it equally needs.

Full Control

You retain full control of the processes in your project. We will accomplish your goals according to your preferences. The crème de la crème of our services is that you’ll keep the rights to your book.

Create an audience of your book with a video trailer. Since a book trailer can easily go viral, making one for your book is the best way for you to get recognition from librarians, book sellers, most importantly from your prospective buyers.

According to, there are more than 4 billion videos viewed on YouTube every day. Make your book trailer one of the mostly watched videos in the world. Make yours standout.

The Adverters will make it happen.

What Our Authors Say About Us?

" The Adverters has been enjoyable to work with. They follow-up on inquiries in a timely fashion. They offer a competitive rate for their publishing services when compared to other publishers and the services seem to be more robust and author friendly. They took my previously published book and offered to republish it for a reasonable price and lower MRSP. They offered me a more favorable royalty rate. They also secured my first radio interview. The Adverter's service and experience has been extremely helpful for my project! ​

Any author looking to publish their book should definitely consider The Adverters. The services and experience they offer is top notch! "

Khen F. Chu author of
Master of All Masters: The Central Kingdom

" I honestly can't thank you enough for the effort you put into assisting me on my journey! If you hadn't sought me out, my dream wouldn’t have become a reality. You always did everything in your power to ensure I had everything I needed. You always gladly answered my questions, and you constantly reassured me you wanted me to succeed. Even when I didn’t understand something on the website, a simple phone call would answer my questions. The Adverters Team was very genuine and I am grateful for that. Sometimes, it would take a while to hear a response but you were all working hard. I highly recommend your company.

I hope to work with The Adverters again in the future. "

Dr. Prem Kutowaroo author of
The Streetwalker and the Odd Shoe

"As an author, I worked with at least eight book publishing companies and groups. While the initial contact with each was a positive experience the publication process always had many delays, sometimes with good excuses, surprises, and always took longer than promised or was necessary. Somehow, The ADVERTERS avoid these problems by using a proactive Personnel Contact. The first time in my life dealing with a publication company was a positive and fruitful experience all the way through and in every aspect. The Adverters' PC kept me posted weekly, or sometimes on daily basis, notified me of progress or potential delays during the entire process. Also, The ADVERTERS delivered on time and completed the project in record time. My compliments to all employees of a well-run and managed group. Keep up the good work and thank you."

Kele D. Gabor author of
Leaders! or Managers? And Discover Your Talents!

Leaders or Manager and discover your talents!

A Mystic Guide To Spiritual Evolution

Helping Hands: Companion of Baggage Burdens

+1 213 493 2178

+1 213 493 2178

1968 S. Coast Hwy #3678, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

1968 S. Coast Hwy #3678, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

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